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Remote Training – Bringing Continuing Education to our Doctors

During NOVA’s January non-medical oversight mission, we brought a laptop and digital projector to establish remote training capability between our American based doctors and our Haitian staff.  Continuing education for medical providers in Haiti is not available the way it is for American doctors so it is very important to help our local doctors continue to expand and update their medical knowledge.

Dr. Jenny Henkind, our new Medical Director, conducted our first live teleconference training session in February about Pediatric seizures.  Although it was intended primarily for our two local doctors, the entire medical staff attended and participated in the discussion and Q/A session. It was a HUGE success and our entire staff was engaged and extremely grateful for the effort Dr. Jenny went through to make this possible.

Another benefit of this program is it allows NOVA to invite specialty providers who may not be able to actually go on a NOVA mission but can now help and deliver the information remotely.  We will also create hard-copy manuals of the presentations for our staff so they can use them as reference.

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