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January 2019 Oversight Mission

January 2019 Oversight Mission

Every year members of NOVA Hope for Haiti’s executive board and other non-medical volunteers spend a week at NOVA’s clinic to observe the work of the staff (medical and non-medical), confirm that the physical building and property are being properly maintained and identify improvements or new projects.

During this mission, we spent time documenting patient flow and procedures from intake through departure.  Patient documentation was also examined and recommendations were made to improve both the patient processing as well as documentation and reporting. As we grow, we are working to make sure things are done more efficiently to save resources and make things better for our community.

During these missions, NOVA Hope for Haiti also organizes community activities with the local children –  usually movie nights and art and crafts parties.  In January, NOVA hosted its first Activity Field Day. Over 100 children came to take part in a variety of outdoor activities organized by our volunteers.  Adults and children alike enjoyed hours of soccer, volley ball, and

Duck, Duck, Goose!

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