NOVA Hope for Haiti’s Medical Missions

Haiti Medical Mission Trips

Twice each year (generally spring and fall), NOVA Hope for Haiti sends teams of skilled medical professionals on medical missions to Haiti to work with our Haitian medical staff. These larger teams consist of up to six doctors, preferably three pediatricians and three adult providers.  Our goal is to begin sending smaller teams of more specialized health care providers (ob/gyn, physical therapists, dentists, etc.). These visits would occur between our larger medical missions. Specialized teams will provide specific types of care to patients, while training our local doctors in these practices.

A Typical Volunteer Medical Mission To Haiti

A typical medical mission to Haiti includes six medical providers, translators, nurses and non-medical team leaders to coordinate the mission. The missions generally last one week, with the team departing on Sunday morning and returning the following Sunday evening.

The team departs in the morning from JFK (New York City) to Port Au Prince. Volunteers traveling from outside of New York coordinate their flights to meet the team in Port Au Prince. The team will then travel about four hours by bus to our clinic in the town of Cavaillon. Our facility houses up to 14 people. Remaining missionaries stay at a nearby home that has been donated by a generous friend of NOVA Hope for Haiti.

NOVA Hope for Haiti’s medical clinic has four examine rooms, a fully stocked pharmacy and laboratory (update with what will be?). Patient care and staff training occur over the course of the week, with each provider seeing an average of 25 patients per day. Our Haitian doctors work closely with our volunteers, with Haitian nurses providing assistance as well. Typically, during a week-long mission, we will treat between 600-800 patients.

The team will spend the week at the clinic and return to Port au Prince on Saturday afternoon. There they will spend one night at the Montana Hotel to reflect and prepare for the flight home on Sunday morning.

The cost of joining a team on a medical mission is approximately $1,000. This cost includes airfare, transportation, food, beverages and lodging. Volunteers assume the cost of travel and accomodations; however, sponsorship is available for those who need financial support so they can take part in missions.

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