NOVA Hope for Haiti’s History

NOVA Hope for Haiti is a non-profit organization that brings healthcare to the neediest country in the Western Hemisphere. The Haitian government officially recognizes NOVA Hope for Haiti as an NGO (non-governmental organization). NOVA Hope for Haiti operates two permanent clinics in Haiti that are staffed by Haitian medical professionals. Both of our clinics near Cavaillon, Haiti, actively reach out to rural and isolated mountain regions. Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment are currently not available in these regions. NOVA also sends biannual volunteer medical missions to Haiti from the United States.


In 2002, the Church of the Presentation in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, learned of a poor parish in rural Haiti that could not afford medical support. After considerable planning and procurement, a 10-member medical mission team was sent. During that first one-week medical mission to Haiti, screening and treatment were provided to Haitians who required medical care.

A wide variety of medical conditions were evaluated and treated in over 1000 patients who were seen during initial visits. Few of these people would have had access to medical treatment if not for these Haiti medical missions. In some cases, pediatric patients were brought back to the United States for complicated surgical care. These church-sponsored medical missions remained available to every Haitian citizen. Participating practitioners and additional volunteers hailed from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Thirteen medical missions to Haiti took place over the next few years with up to twenty-eight volunteers per mission.

NOVA Hope for Haiti is Born

Our experiences in Haiti showed us that more could be achieved if a permanent medical facility was established. A permanent medical clinic could provide local and follow-up care and a base for future medical missions to Haiti. In addition, health education and preventive measures could be implemented. These measures would increase the well-being of Haitians, reduce sickness, reduce the need for emergency care, and save lives. Medical care could be provided at a much lower cost, more quickly, and more effectively. The concept of a permanent medical facility became our new goal. As a result, NOVA Hope for Haiti was created. NOVA Hope for Haiti, Inc. became a non-governmental, non-profit organization in 2005, with Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status, soon after.

In compliance with a rigorous application process, and after careful examination of NOVA’s programs and activities, the Haitian government granted NOVA a tax-exempt ONG (NGO) status.

NOVA Hope for Haiti, Inc. currently functions as an independent, nonsectarian body. We solicit support through donations and grants as well as volunteers from diverse service-oriented communities.

How to Help in Haiti

Please help us keep NOVA Hope for Haiti’s medical mission in Haiti alive. Click here to DONATE TO HAITI TODAY. Your donation will help us to continue to provide medical missions and more care to the people of Haiti.

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