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Hurricane Matthew update: Home rebuild and repair program is in progress

During Hurricane Matthew, many homes were damaged or destroyed in our community of Cavaillon, Haiti.  Part of our plan for the money donated to our Hurricane Relief Fund included helping some of the poorest people in the town rebuild or repair their homes.

While we can’t fix every home in town, our donors have made it possible for us to commit to repairing at least 15 homes and we have begun that work.  Below are the photos of some of the houses that are currently being repaired as part of NOVA’s hurricane Matthew relief efforts in Cavaillon.    In some photos you will see Dr. Nixon Altenord, our head doctor,  who has personally visited all of the homes to be rebuilt.

Dr.  Altenord,has been volunteering his time after work and on weekends to make sure this project is successful.  NOVA Hope for Haiti also temporarily hired Stanley Durand, to direct our relief efforts in Haiti so that our staff can focus on the medical care which is their primary responsibility.  Mr. Durand is doing an excellent job of sourcing and pricing materials, hiring builders, documenting the work and reporting the status of the project to the NOVA Board or Directors.

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