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Celebrating our Mothers

In Haiti, Mothers’ Day will be celebrated on Sunday May 29th, the last Sunday of May.  Any woman involved in the raising of a child is considered the mother – birth mother, grandmother, sister, Aunt, friend of the family or people at the orphanage. Overtime, a child may have several women fill a maternal role in their life.  It is a tradition to wear a flower in honor of your mother on Mother’s Day. Haitians honor their mothers by wearing a red flower if the mothers are alive and a white or purple one if they have passed.

Mothers’ Day is celebrated in churches with special services. The services can be quite moving particularly with respect to honor given to deceased mothers. It is apparent that everyone appreciates the difficulties of living in Haiti and the sacrifices made by the women to bring forth their children into the world and to raise them under such conditions.

NOVA Hope for Haiti is honoring the hard work of all the mothers of Cavaillon, Haiti by continuing our commitment to provide them a place to bring their children to keep them healthy and growing up strong.

As we prepare to celebrate our Moms, Grandmothers and all the women who nourished us as we grew up, NOVA would like to wish all of our volunteers and supporters a Happy Mother’s Day!

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