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Improvements to NOVA’s facilities

NOVA is continuing to improve and update our two-story medical clinic and residence as well as the 12 acres of property surrounding the building.

Since opening our clinic and residence in 2014, our electrical needs have increased.  Medical equipment like our autoclave, as well as additional appliances needed to host large visiting mission teams (which sometimes exceed 20 people) have added to the power we need to run our facility. Between January and April 2018 we conducted a study of our electrical needs, and looked into ways to better integrate our solar power system with our backup generator.  The Board of Directors approved the investment to upgrade our electrical system.  We purchased a new large generator, and an ignition system which automatically switches to the generator when our solar power is less than power we need to operate the clinic.  On a regular basis we still run on solar power, but the upgrades we have made will insure that we have proper levels of power to run our facility when our electrical needs spike and the new generator will insure that our investment in our solar system will last longer. This is good news for both our clinic and for our mission to host visiting missionary teams.  We are currently building a cement enclosure to protect the generator.










In January we also purchased a used Toyota Landcruiser to alleviate our need to rent vehicles for visiting NOVA volunteers and to conduct mobile missions.  We built a garage to protect the vehicle and we created more much needed storage area in the new garage. On our April mission, we installed solar powered motion-detector security lights on our garage to provide light during the night.


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