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One year anniversary of the earthquake

As the board of directors continues to plan for the construction of our permanent medical facility in Cavaillon, Haiti, and as the Medical Mission team of volunteers plans our next medical mission in March 2011, we also remember with great sadness the tragic losses caused by the earthquake one year ago today. The news is full of what hasn’t been done yet in Haiti: rubble still remains where it fell in many places, buildings have yet to be rebuilt, tent camps stretch for miles with no plan to move to more permanent shelter. But at NOVA we remain hopeful and committed to a brighter future in Haiti. The buildings will be rebuilt, roads will be improved, schools will be opened, and the sick will be cared for.

But the lives that were lost cannot be recovered. The lost we remember and commend to God who alone can overcome the destruction of death.

It’s tempting on a day like today to want to throw in the towel and declare Haiti a lost cause. But it took great strength and resilience to just survive these past 12 months and the people of Haiti have again displayed that fortitude. Yet they still need our help. At NOVA we are not giving up and we are not throwing in the towel. Haiti has a long and proud history and we remain committed to our mission to help our friends in Haiti with much needed medical care. We thank our volunteers, our financial supporters and our friends for all of the encouragement and support you have given over the last 7 years. We thank you for not giving up either.

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