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NOVA’s well: providing clean water to our neighbors

NOVA’s mission is to provide much needed healthcare and health education to the people of Cavaillon and surrounding villages.  As part of our building project we had to dig a new well to provide our facility with water.  We were lucky, when we dug our well, to tap into an aquifer that has abundant clean water about 100′ down.  So members of the board decided to place the well on the northwest corner of the property, create a separate entrance in our front wall, and open the well to the neighborhood.

Like most people in Haiti, our neighbors have no access to clean water.  There is no running water.  Twice per day, each family must go to some water source to fill plastic containers to have water in their homes to drink and wash with.  It is a tough life.  In addition, many times the only water sources close by, like the Cavaillon River, does not provide clean water.  So a source of clean drinking water make a huge impact on the life and health of the people in the community.

NOVA’s well is open from 6 – 9 AM and 3 – 6 PM each day and provides clean, cool water to all of our neighbors.  Each day small crowds gather in morning and evening to gather water and bring it back to their families.

This well makes a profound impact on our neighbors daily lives and we are happy to provide it to the community.

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