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NOVA’s Volunteer Residence Open to host groups

NOVA Hope for Haiti’s facility is two floors:  The ground floor is our medical clinic from which our staff in Haiti provides medical care year round, and where our medical mission teams now work from when we send medical teams to augment the care our staff provides.  The facility is clean, modern, well furnished and has running water and electricity supplied by solar power.

The second floor of the building has always been intended to host visiting volunteers coming to Haiti.  A team of NOVA volunteers were the first to stay in the new facility in early January 2015.  The purpose of the visiting team was to finalize preparations on the second floor and make sure that the facility is ready to host volunteers.

NOVA will use the facility to host our own volunteers and we are prepared to host missionary groups from other organizations who work in our area of Haiti.  This has always been part of our plan and it is finally a reality.  NOVA’s goal is to provide foreign volunteers a facility that is safe and comfortable that provides first world amenities so that people who take the time, effort and expense of helping our neighbors in Haiti have a place to relax and be refreshed when they are done with their work each day.

NOVA’s Volunteer Residence has:

  • Four bedrooms with twin beds in each and a ceiling fan in each
  • Four full bathrooms
  • A large living room / dining room with two large ceiling fans
  • A covered front porch for relaxing
  • A full, modern kitchen
  • 24 hour / day security

NOVA is able to provide visitors with towels and linens and we are able to provide delicious home-cooked Haitian meals to our guests.  This phase of NOVA’s outreach: to make it more comfortable for volunteers helping in the area, is now a reality.

Below are photos from the January 2015 mission where our volunteers put the final touches on the residence.


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