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NOVA’s plan for clinic operations regarding COVID 19 pandemic

As COVID-19 is causing incredible difficulties here in the US despite the immense resources we have, you can imagine how potentially devastating it could be in Haiti which has such a fragile healthcare system.

Members of the Executive Committee and Board have been working diligently to determine the steps NOVA needs to take to protect both the safety of our staff as well as provide healthcare to the community we serve.

The directives for the clinic are based on recommendations from our medical director and the other medical professionals on our board who are currently working in hospitals and witnessing first-hand the impact of COVID-19.  We have also been collaborating with other Haitian and Global NGOs facing the same challenges.

Here is a summary of NOVA’s COVID-19 directives.  If you would like to see the full plan, click HERE:

  • We are limiting operations to one clinic to maintain the greatest possible protocols for disinfecting and distance between patients.
  • Boileau will be closed and all operations will be moved to Martineau, which has more outdoor space available. All valuables, medications and lab equipment, etc., will be brought from Boileau and stored at Martineau.
  • The staff will be divided into two teams:  One team will remain at home for two weeks while the other team works at Martineau.
  • When the clinic is open, it will follow these strict social distancing and sanitizing protocols.
  • We will continue to vaccinate children twice per month at the Boileau clinic which is our assigned responsibility from the Health Ministry.
  • No staff member will take a vacation for April and May.
  • The security guards will continue on their regular schedule and also be tested daily.

We will continue to collaborate with other Haitian NGOs and global public healthcare organizations to remain up-to-date on the rapidly changing situation.

As we pray for our country to survive this pandemic and keep the faith that we will be together soon, please keep our staff in Haiti and all of the Haitian people in your prayers.

Joseph Nuzzi , President
Jan Mansley , Vice-President


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