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Mission 20!

mission20-1In November 2015 NOVA Hope for Haiti hit a great milestone: we sent to Haiti our 20th Medical Mission to Haiti!  This is a great gift to our friends in Haiti who rely on the medical care NOVA’s medical missions bring.  NOVA’s 20 medical missions have saved lives.  They have brought care, comfort and healing to thousands of people in Haiti.  Over the years, we have seen the children who come to our medical missions grow up strong and healthy.

Mission 20 also saw another great first for NOVA:  we partnered with Arise & Walk Ministries Foundation, Inc. to bring dental care to our patients for the very first time.  You can read more about the dental mission HERE.   We hope that this will be the beginning of providing dental care at regular dental missions from NOVA’s facility in Cavaillon.

Years ago, NOVA’s medical missions gave birth to a dream of a permanent medical facility that would provide medical care to the people of Cavaillon and the surrounding villages year round.  In late 2014, that dream became a reality and NOVA opened our permanent clinic in Cavaillon staffed by a staff of Haitian medical professionals and on mission 19 in May 2015 we officially inaugurated our clinic.  Today that clinic treats between 400 and 500 patients each month!

NOVA is dedicating our 20th mission to all of the volunteers and donors who have made this happen.  Thank you all for a job well done!  Congratulations on the 20th mission and especially the Mission 20 volunteer team!

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