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May 2012 Medical Mission ready to go

Some volunteers are still packing frantically at 10:30 PM on the night before NOVA sends it’s 12th Medical Mission to Haiti.  Some of our volunteers, are already packed but have to work a night shift the night before our 7:00 AM appointment at Kennedy Airport, making a huge sacrifice for the people of Haiti.  Still others are done and ready to go.

No matter what, tomorrow 21 people will leave JFK on a 9:30 AM Flight to Port au Prince to meet up with the other 5 volunteers who are already in Haiti.   Our 26 member team consists of doctors, nurses, translators, a driver and team leader.

Last Wednesday member of our team, plus other NOVA volunteers who aren’t going on this trip, met at the Church of the Presentation in Upper Saddle River, NJ to pack 21 bins of medical supplies, equipment, and other donations for the clinic.  Our medicine is ordered for a missionary supply company in Holland called IDA, and is already in Haiti.

Tomorrow the team will fly to Haiti where we will have to navigate the chaos of the Port au Prince airport and the sea of red caps trying to “help” us with our supplies and luggage.  We will meet our newly donated school bus which we will load with our luggage, supplies and team and travel 5 hours to Aquin, Haiti where we will be staying for the week.

Then on Sunday we will wake up and head to Cavaillon, an hour from Aquin, to set up the clinic, which takes the better part of a day.  By Sunday afternoon we will be all ready to open our doors bright and early on Monday morning and our 12th mission will be off and running.

Thank you to all of our donors who helped make this trip possible.  Without your support over the last 10 years we could not do the work we do in Haiti.

Please keep our team in your thoughts and prayers this week.


-Joseph Nuzzi
Vice President of NOVA Hope for Haiti


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