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A Silver Lining

I spoke today with Dr. Charles Kordula, our team leader on the ground in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Charles was very excited that the medical relief effort that our team is working with has gotten a lot more organized and efficient. Supplies are coming in and patients are treated more effectively. This is great news. Two days ago, Charles told us that NOVA and OCI should not send any more teams to work under the conditions they were facing. But today he gave us the green light and said we definitely should recruit and send more people to Haiti to relieve the current volunteers when they need to return home.

They feel safe and secure, and the team feels much better about the way medical care is being provided to the earthquake survivors. This is good news for the people we are treating, and a small silver lining on the dark cloud that will shadow the people of Haiti for a long time.

For anyone interested in volunteering in Haiti in the relief effort, you can email me, Joe Nuzzi at [email protected]. I am working very closely with Sue Vallese, the co-director of Our Chance International on our joint relief efforts.

At the moment we can only take medical professional and some Creole speaking translators.

The donations that have come in are going directly to sending doctors and nurses to provide medical help in Haiti. Your continued support is needed now and in the future. Thank you for all of your help and concern.

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